Monday, December 4, 2017


The best thing to walk into your life
Just walked out the door, you fool
You were so close to tasting
The sweetness of her
You saw it her eyes, the love
You once had the flame for her
You let it burn out with your selfishness
You only fed the fire when it suited your need
You fooled us all, playing the part
Your heart departed, leaving her on the stage
You had us captured, watching from afar
Knowing it would last forever
But you, let the light in your heart go dim
Tossed her aside like yesterday's news
You let her leave with out a second thought
Only a casual good bye
The best thing to walk into your life
Just walked out the door, you fool
You fool, you fool of the heart
When someone else loves her
Will you sink into a pool of regret
Will you cry tears of sorrow
That you will have her no more
She walked out the door
You fool, you fool, you fool
Can you see into your future
All your lovers will come and go
You have no true love for them
Because the best thing to walk into your life
Just walked out the door.

(c) LAL

Friday, November 24, 2017


The night is dark and still 
Cold as ice, 
Stars fade into the blackness
Nothing goes bump in the night
You prowl the streets unhindered
Swaggering panther of a woman

I have demons that keep me up at night
My dreams are haunted by you
You fled into the ghostly mist
Leaving me to shiver and crave
I feel you lurking in the shadows
And hear the demons whisper in my ear

In the cold dark night
Where there is no light
Like a black panther
Stalking my dreams
The demon that keeps me up
You know you want her
To slay my demons
Slay my demons

You know you want her
To slay my demons
In the cold dark night
She will bring the light
To slay my demons


Monday, November 20, 2017

Shadow of Your Heart

You hide in the shadows of your heart
But I can see right through you
Aloof and alone yet yearning
I know your truth, it's in your eyes
No matter the words you utter
You can't hide in your shadows
You know the one you want
It's not easy giving into your heart
When she looks at you
And you look into her eyes
Your heart knows, it knows
Others will come and go
But only she will be the one
To bring your heart from the shadows
You stroke her hair, hold her hand
Even for a moment, there is no denial
In the quiet moments of holding her close
There is a peace, a comfort, a stillness
Yet you try to retreat to the shadows of your heart
But I still see the halcyon in your eyes
No matter, time passes, your souls will never part
She is in your blood, she is your star crossed love
You love her, love her and I can see it your eyes.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Slow Dancing

Turn the lights down low
Turn on the music softly
Wrap your arms around me
I'll pull you close into me
Let your hips sway with mine
As the rhythm moves our bodies

We have the romance
For the slow dance
No need to move fast
We have all night
Till the break of light
For the slow dance

I'm not a daddy's girl
I'm your ladies lady
Charming and then some
Take my hand
We'll take flight
And spend all night
Slow dancing to the baby grand

We have the romance
For the slow dance
No need to move fast
We have all night
Till the break of light
For the slow dance

Lay your head against my chest
Feel music in my heart
Let the sway of my heat
Move you in tempo 
No one has to know about us
Dancing to the I love yous

We have the romance
For the slow dance
No need to move fast
We have all night
Till the break of light
For the slow dance


Monday, October 30, 2017


Thunder, thunder pounding the gray skies
The thumping in my chest as you walk by
You give me that sly smile , I drop to my knees
You are my prayer, my prayer-my keeper
My heart is in sacred testimony to your heat

Lighting, lighting striking across the black heaven
When lighting strikes the sand making hot glass
You light my gloomy sky when you touch me
My scared addiction-I keep coming back for more
I drop to my knees-pray my addiction never leaves

Thunder, thunder pounding the gray skies
Lighting, lighting striking across the black heaven
I pray to my scared addiction
Pounding, thumping, striking my heart
I pray to my scared addiction


Saturday, October 28, 2017


Show me your hot flames of desire 
I need your heat against me 
Let me take high in the night 
I'll go low to bring you high
You are in my blood, transfuse me
Run your silky fingers over my body
I'll take you deep into your soul
I need your heat, your desire 
Hot flames, give me that burn 
I'll take you high over again
Over again till you beg mercy 
Turn up the heat, bring me your fever
I need to feel your passion against me
Let's take the stairway to heaven
Cry mercy, then strike the match 
No turning back now, 
Wicked things we do
Go down low baby
I need your heat
Let's go high tonight 
With hot flames 
No turning back
No mercy, just the heat
Give me the burn, go low
I'll bring you high
I need your heat
I'll bring you high
So high, high

LAL 10/17

Monday, October 9, 2017

Writing Challenge Week 2

Oct. 8
After Irma left her mark on my little community in Florida, I noticed a change in the bug, etc. population and their housing choices. In other words….what once lived in the yard is trying to overtake and evict me from my home. As uninvited guests they sneak in at the dead of night and pitch their tents in any crack, crevice or hole they find. A friendly snake curls up to my yard boots, a field mouse occupies my closet and the palmetto bug community had claimed the kitchen as their territory. Tree frogs have dibs the living room and fleas now snuggle and feed on my beloved poodle. Carpenter ants are mesmerized by the crown molding in my bedroom as they tread-mill their way around the ceiling. However moths are not as choosy and care to hang with the light bulbs while mosquitoes prefer to hang around me. Why even a snail has hung a “home sweet home” sign on my washing machine drain.


Dear Mrs. Puddle,

        I just ran into Delores Carter down at the Junction today. She told about two old boys over in Flat Bottom that got arrested for stealing. Seems like these two boys make their beer money by selling scrap metal. It appears that scrap metal is having a slight economic downturn and Elroy Harper and Millard Hobart were running low on beer money.
       The utility department over in Flat Bottom are replacing old utility lines and poles. The wood poles were getting too old and becoming brittle. The electrical lines need to be upgraded to code. It seems that these two geniuses Elroy and Millard found a solution to their beer money problem. They would just steal an metal utility pole! Some how they figured out a way to winch the pole on top of their truck. Around 4 am they went out on route 41 where the utility crews had been working and found the pole laying along the side of the road. Got it on top of their truck and headed back to Flat Bottom. They would have gotten away with it had they not driven down main street at 8 o'clock in the morning when they were spotted by the police. When they were asked why they were driving down main street with a stolen electrical pole, they said the scrap metal yard didn't open till 8am and main street was the fast way to get there. Stupid is as stupid does!


Oct. 9

There is person out there in the universe that knows me better than I know myself. Believes in me more than I believe in myself. Tells me that I have a wonderful talent but I cannot recognize it nor have faith in in it. That I am riddled with self doubt-this I truly believe. Seeking and waiting on approval of others is foolhardy. 
I am reminded of a writer who sees the world from a simple point of life and writes about his encounters with those folks or circumstance. His stories are not more than a page or two long but they are so poignant. I envy that simplicity. If I could only get my mind to relax and gently float down the river of words that transformed in simple beautiful stories, I would be so happy.


Oct. 10

Take my hand and I will show the path of love
Feel my heart with your hand, I will keep you safe
Lay next to me under the stars, I will tell you of dreams
Hold me close, listen to my breath, know you are sacred
Understand that we are eternal, near or far, together
For I am steadfast and you are my hope.


Oct. 11

Thunder, thunder pounding the gray skies
The thumping in my chest as you walk by
You give me that sly smile , I drop to my knees
You are my prayer, my prayer-my keeper
My heart is in sacred testimony to your heat

Lighting, lighting striking across the black heaven
When lighting strikes the sand making hot glass
You light my gloomy sky when you touch me
My scared addiction-I keep coming back for more
I drop to my knees-pray my addiction never leaves

Thunder, thunder pounding the gray skies
Lighting, lighting striking across the black heaven
I pray to my scared addiction
Pounding, thumping, striking my heart 
I pray to my scared addiction


Oct 12:
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday dear me
Happy Birthday to me!
Yea another year older and I am still above ground. So all things considered it's a good day so far.


I know a special lady
whos birthday is today.
She’s not as old as dirt
or as young as in our day.
She’s such a lovie angel
for that I can attest.
I wish her all the best of life
and mountains of happiness. 


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Writing challenge Week 1

It's the October challenge. A very dear friend and I have begun the writing challenge. We are to write something every day for the next 31 days. It can be 1 sentence or a 1000 but we have to write something everyday. It can be silly or deep. So here is my writing for today.

Oct 1:
Hello my petunia in glasses
I'm so glad we have classes
Hoping you'll be my buddy
So that we can study
The anatomy of your body
Cuz you are such a hottie!!


My dear "rosebud" has been and will always be the breath of my every moment. When I fade, as I will one day, I will know my "rosebud" will continue blooming beauty into this world.


Oct 2:
Somewhere in time lives an average girl who will one day grow up to have an extraordinary life. Only she does not know it yet. The four walls of her average room keeps her safe and alone. Her expectation from living is to have an ordinary life of average means. Even her dreams are uneventful of those she can remember. She describes her dreams as beige. But one day she will have a life in full vibrant living color.


Two mice,
with lice,
ate thrice,
the rice.



Oct 3:
It was a Sunday. A typical Sunday with an early breakfast, Sunday clothes and off to church. Abby didn't like church, not for the sermon or the Sunday school lessons but there were comics to read, spaceships out of cardboard boxes to build and trees to climb. Sitting in church cut into that valuable play time. Abby decided at age 8 that she and the church were not friends anymore. She would squirm in her seat and her mother would scold her in that hushed mother's voice. Abby would fold her arms across her chest and pout. No, she and the church were definitely not friends. When she heard the finally Amen from the minister, it was all her mother could do to keep her from climbing over people to get out of the church. On this Sunday during the ride home, Abby proclaimed that she was no longer in cahoots with the church and next Sunday they would find up up a tree sailing the seven seas. Her mother slowly turned around to see the smirk on Abby's face and told her, "The only thing you will be sailing in is the third row pew in church next Sunday." End of discussion. Abby went to church every Sunday.


Oct 4:
3 months left of 2017 and it has been quite a whirl-wind of a year. Reflecting back on the past 9 months, could we have EVER forecasted the tide of events that would unfold on a global scale? Without rehashing the highlighted news lines of sadness, fear, turmoil, catastrophe, the unthinkable, and the events that are still making our heads do the Exorcist spin one must wonder who invented “candy corn” and why? No really…does anyone even eat that crap?


"Mamma!!!" The screen door slams shut. Mamma!!! 
"What in the blue thunder are you hollering about?" Mamma wipes her hands on her apron. "I'm in the kitchen." Abby with a great 10 year old determination marches down the hall to the kitchen. She stands in the doorway with hands on her hips and states, "Do you know what Billy Ray Higgins did?" Mamma keeps on rolling out her pie dough, without looking up she asks, "What did Billy Ray do?" Abby with huff plops down at the kitchen table. She begins. "I was over at Marcie's playing marbles. Having a nice time, it was a tight game. I was only up by two marbles. Well, that stupid boy Billy Ray comes running over and kicks the marbles. I jumped and was going to bash him when Marcie says, "Leave him be, he ain't got sense to pee in the pot and not in his pants!" So, I told him he was lucky I didn't bash him cause he senseless.  So then he has the nerve to ask if he can play marbles with us. I said NO! He just want to play because he told us he got a a brand new shooter that it was the best in the neighborhood. I told him to let us see it. So he pulls out this old crockery marble. He said he got it from his grandpa. I laughed at him and told him it didn't even roll straight. Marcie said let him play. So we set up a new game and when it his turn to shoot, he thumped it so hard and bounce out of the circle and landed in dog poop!!! Marcie and I laughed so hard, our sides hurt. Billy Ray stood there looking at his  marble on top of dog poop and started to cry." Mamma looked up to see the smirk on Abby's face. "And what did you do young lady to help him out?" Mamma asks. Abby responded pridefully, "Nothing." Mamma got that look mamas get when they are disappointed. "Why didn't you help him?" " Because boys are stupid and he'a a big baby. Besides Marcie's dad came out to see what the ruckus was about and saw Billy Ray crying. We pointed at the marble in the poop. He got some tongs and picked up the marble, rinsed it off and gave it back to Billy Ray."
Mamma just shook her head and went back to her pie. In a moment or two, Mamma turn around and faced Abby and said, "I want you to take your best shooter and give it to Billy Ray." Abby started to protest but Mamma raised her hand, "Maybe next time instead of laughing at someone's misfortune, you'll help instead of hurt." End of discussion. 


Oct 5:

Though I have tried for years to help someone break through the barriers and hang ups that have stunted their happiness, I still wish I could help them. I feel saddened that they have spent all these years lost and alone in that frightening place of self-inadequacy and self-loathing; unable to allow anyone “in” to help them realize their value and worth. I know they “act out” what they have been taught to feel, though it makes their life incomplete and unfulfilled. I am saddened over the embarrassments they feel when they are feeling, needing, wanting and yearning. Vulnerability is a difficult feeling for anyone. In “my” belief, trust is easier to gain than allowing ones-self to be vulnerable. Love conquers all, or so we have been told. In that context I have always felt it meant the love another gives to us…however, now after 62 years of life I understand it to mean…loving ourselves conquers all. I wish with all my heart I could bring this “dear one” back to the time, before the doors of their being slammed shut.


Well here we are kids-end the of the road, fairy tale ride is over. Back to the reality of being that incredibly boring person. Wish could have stayed on the fairy tale ride longer. but one can only live in their head for a limited time. As wonderful as fairy tale land is, reality will rear it's ugly head and it's back to shades of gray. But there is always dreams and I long for them.


Oct 6:
I had a friend that was so small.
She was so small, not tall at all. 
I had a friend who laughed and played.
She laughed and played her days away.
I had a friend that was so fun.
She was so fun we’d jump and run. 
My friend is still my friend you see;
as old as dirt and wise and free. 


When one looks back over their life, one asks the question, "How was I living?" As one mulls this over in deep concentration there was only one answer, one conclusion. One was living in fear of life.  Fear of risks. Fear of being emotional free. Fear of disapproval. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of speaking out. Fear of being hurt (although that happen more often than not). Fear of being a real person. Fear of expectation of succeeding. Fear of being talent-less. Fear of being alone. Fear of being left. More than all the fears-realizing you did not kiss enough girls!


Oct 7:
I had another birthday,
as sure as sure can be.
I’ll have another birthday.
or so we’ll see, we’ll see.
It’s just another number,
you know, it’s true, it’s true.
A number that keeps growing,
who knew, who knew, who knew. 


Many things roll through my mind. A multitude of stories, poems, visual stories. And there they sit waiting. Waiting to be painted on the canvas with words and pictures. There are times where the words fall out faster than I can write them, then they dry up and each word I write is a trial. Even now, during the writing challenge (that I wanted to do) I'm behind. Always a day late. But there is so much in my mind, so much to say that I get vapor lock. The point of the this writing challenge is just to write what ever come to mind. But I have found that I am way too OCD to do that. Plus a good health dose of self doubt mixed in for good flavor. I can see all of these stories in my mind's eye and they are are good stories. Not novel length but short glimpses of the past or present and maybe the future. I hope one day I will be able to tell all of these stories before my mind is totally lost. So, here is to a tall glass of fiction!!


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Would You Mind...

Would you mind if I loved you
Would you mind if I didn't love you
Would you mind if I put you first
Would you mind if I put you last
Would you mind if I hold you close
Would you mind if I let you go

No sense in living in the past
No need to plan for the furture
I only want to live in this moment
To drive all night to the seashore
In that moment to see the sun rise
I want to take the moment by the hand

Do you mind if we dance in the moonlight
Do you mind if we sit this one out
Do you mind if I hold you hand walking down the avenue
Do you mind if I walk alone without you
Do you mind if I take you for my own
Do you mind staying forever


Sunday, August 6, 2017


You intoxicate me
I get drunk from your scent
You run your fingers over me
I tingle down my spine
My back arches closer
You intoxicate me

I stumble down the streets
After I left you behind
My head is full of fever
I am engulfed by the heat
I yearn for a long drink of you
You intoxicate me

You intoxicate me
You are my addiction
I crave your embrace
To lay next to you eternally
Drink you in like a fine wine
You intoxicate me


Thursday, August 3, 2017

On the Side

I watched the the water run over the pebbles
I saw you slowly fading away from innocence
That youth of hours sitting on my bed
Drinking gin, listening to my vinyl lps
Believing we were the only ones in love
You could see into my soul and we dreamed

We would stay up too late crusin' 13th street
You dragged me into your mystery, no way out
We parked under the oak tree at 10th street park
We drank gin in the dark beneath a starlit night
You kissed me deep and hard with juniper lips

The years moved by us and we drifted
You left me in your mystery, still no way out
So much water under the bridge, washing it all way
Pebbles turned into sand, I'm standing on the shore
I hear you call on the wind, drawing me back in

I don't want to be your lover on the side
Don't want to be your second side dish
Don't want to live in the shadow of you
I don't want to care more than you do

We were so much younger then, only 22
Reaching for the dream, running with the wind
Too young to hold onto the dream,  only 22
Now I can't be you lover on the side
It was easier then, we were only 22

I don't want to be your lover on the side
Don't want to be your second side dish
Don't want to live in the shadow of you
If only we were 22 again,
We would be in the light
In the light and 22 again
In the light-not you lover on the side.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nothing More

There is nothing left for you and me
You took it all when we were seventeen
You left me on the floor
Bleeding for what might have been
Did you feel the pain?

I'll drink the whiskey till I become numb
To forget you in the mist of your sin
We were much too young for the fall
You lead me to the pit and tossed it all in
I reached for you to hold on, you let go

The long dark night sipping your madness
Sanity creeping around the corner out of reach
I wake at the break of dawn with your smell on me
My mind tries unravel confusion of your presence
Thunder rolls in the distant, another storm coming

When we were seventeen
I gave it all for you
You left me bleeding
Nothing more for you
Nothing, nothing more
Nothing more for you
Did you feel the pain?


Friday, June 2, 2017

Sweet Night

You walk into the dark sweet night
You take the path less traveled all alone
You been hiding in the shadows too long
The night will give you up to the light
You seek to take rest before the break of day

You are a phantom among crowd
You gain strength from the single stranger
You gave into the darkness.
Time holds no measure,
Only loneliness
Only loneliness
Only loneliness


How Old

Not too long ago a dear friend of mine posted on her blog that I kept telling her that she was forever telling me how old she is. I know this to be true as we are the same age. She noted that she was in an "age mentality". I'm really not sure what that means to her but to me it meant that she was fixated that she was limited because of her age. We all get physically limited to various degrees as we grow older, but mentally we can all remain youthful in mind and soul. Fortunately we are both young at heart and have good conversations until she aggravates me. And so, I continue to let her tell me how old she because one day I might forget how old I am.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Time Gone Past

This is from long ago (maybe 2004)

I sit alone by the fire light watching
Flames flickering, ever reaching
The music gently rocks my heart and
A remembered scent of you sooths my soul.

We are a time gone past
A future never told
We were haunting and mystical
We were autumn and spring.

Firelight dances across my room
I see you in the shadows on my walls
Candle light illuminates the darkness and
I long to touch your face

Close my eyes I still feel your breath against my cheek
I reached out for you and in a flicker you were gone
Winter falls outside my window, covering traces of you
Flames quietly burn, as I desire your passion again

We are a time gone past
A future never told
We were haunting and mystical
We were autumn and spring.

The fire grows dim as the sun rises
I hear the song of another day
I look for you one more time

And silently the flames fade away.


A Summer Breeze

This was from 3 years ago (2014)

A southern night breeze blows in over the river
The aroma of sweet jasmine perfumes the air
The thought of you blankets my mind as I lie on the bank
As the water flows down the river, you flow into my heart
The stars light the night as your smile lights my soul
I long to hold you and feel your heart beat with mine
You are the magic of what love is, yet you are so far from me
We are like moments in the wind, falling over and over again
Held together by a star dream, dancing on the edge of a moon beam
We are cosmic dreams, loving from a distant and never apart
A southern night breeze blows in and I hold your heart next to mine.

(2/14) 4/2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rose of Lancaster

Look at you, alone and small
Standing in her shadow
Wearing a Rose of Lancaster
She is your sin, who will save you now?

The rain is cold on your skin
Wrap you up in the light of a million stars
Who will bring you into the warmth
Of loving arms from being lost

You have been searching all your life
For the one who will raise you up
Who will be the one to protect your heart
Move out of the shadow, turn around

See the one next you who is in the light
Reach out and hold the warm hand
Of the one who will protect your heart
They have been there all your life

So baby take the blinders off and run,
Run into the arms of the one who loves you
All it takes is that single touch
So baby take the blinders off and run,
Run into the light and see the only one
All takes is the touch of a beating heart
So baby take the blinders off and run
Run, run, run to the one who loves you.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Nothing is the Same

I can't stand this
I can't think
I can't write
Nothing is the same without you
You left me again
Standing all alone
Nothing is right
Nothing feels like a fit
Sitting here repeating the same old thoughts
I can't stand this all alone
I can't imagine anymore
Nothing is the same
I have no muse
To write the words I need to tell
I look in the dark to see your flicker of light
I can't stand being blind
Nothing is holding me tight
I can't stand this
I can't think
I can't write
Nothing is the same without you


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kiss the Girl

You said, it was all too soon
That my heart was fresh, brand new
I needed to get steady on my feet
Navigate my uncharted waters

And I said, life is too short
Not to gaze into those eyes
Or to hold that soft hand
Feel your breath on my cheek
Place my hand against your chest,
Feel your heartbeat
To feel your hand run across my back,
To feel the heat
Kiss the girl I want to kiss
Under a moon lit night

You said, it was unfamiliar course
Landing on this a rocky shore
That I needed firm ground to hold me true
I'm not the first, you have seen it all before
And I said, the journey may be precarious but
Are willing to me hold me steady?

You said, let me help you find the way
Keep me steady on my feet
To navigate the uncharted waters
You would be there to hold me true

And I said,
Let me kiss the girl I want to kiss
Under a moon lit night



So, the other day I posted on Facebook how drivers don't use their turn signals, which is annoying. I ranted about their lack of driving skills. So, today I made a run to the grocery store to pick up a few things. What struck me was how bad the drivers of shopping carts are. I avoided crash after crash of bad drivers on my way to the dairy case.  One older man in a motorized cart had blocked the milk case. So, I patiently waited, then this short old lady just cut in front of me to get her carton of not fat creamer. I said not one word but waited. Finally, I get to the milk case and the motorized driver comes whipping around me, nearly hit me and bumps my cart then glares at me as if it were my fault. He got the other end of the milk case and promptly hops out of his motorized cart and walks to the case for chocolate milk. I shook my head.

I finished picking my items and kept thinking if they drive this bad in the grocery store, I don't want to see them behind the wheel of a vehicle!! And I bet they don't use their turn signals!!