Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Summer Breeze

This was from 3 years ago (2014)

A southern night breeze blows in over the river
The aroma of sweet jasmine perfumes the air
The thought of you blankets my mind as I lie on the bank
As the water flows down the river, you flow into my heart
The stars light the night as your smile lights my soul
I long to hold you and feel your heart beat with mine
You are the magic of what love is, yet you are so far from me
We are like moments in the wind, falling over and over again
Held together by a star dream, dancing on the edge of a moon beam
We are cosmic dreams, loving from a distant and never apart
A southern night breeze blows in and I hold your heart next to mine.

(2/14) 4/2017


  1. When you create these master pieces...I really want you to know that I not only read the words...I feel them, see them, relate to them. Thank you.

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