Sunday, June 26, 2016


Will you be my ruin or
Will you be my salvation
Are you my hope or my starvation
Are you my strength or my weakness

Are you going to let me burn or extinguish the flames
Of my burning heart or will it become your train wreck
Is this all you have or I am left out in the rain
Are you real or all wound up in my head

When our worlds collide, who will survive
Who will pick up the pieces
Who will put our hearts back together again
Will we be just surviving the ravages of this affliction

I lay down on the cold ground
Waiting for my heartbeat to begin
I listen to universe spin
Hoping you will walk in

In the new light of day
I see my salvation come from the mist
My thirst is quenched as the rain fills my cup
I am stronger than before, I rise up