Friday, April 15, 2016


Ok it is ego time. I was re-reading some pieces I wrote recently. And I must say I write some damn good stuff!!! I normally would not boast about anything I write because I usually think it sucks but I'm in  bit of a manic state of mind, so I am self indulging!

Since I am on the topic of random madness-I continue to wonder why I write this blog. Only one person reads the damn thing. Maybe I should advertise? What do you think?

I like the phrase-random madness. I will try to use it often.

I change the look of the blog page--black/white/gray/. I kinda like it. Although blue is my favorite color, it was time for a change up.

Speaking of which, I have three Facebook pages. My primary one is my social media one, the second one is my game page and the third one is my "Puddleville" page. Everyone should go over there and read it. It is some funny stuff. Just search FB for Maudell Puddle and you will find it.

Ok now time for a rant. It annoys the absolute piss out of me with part time friends. I have two of them. Both of them will be all up in my business and poof, they are gone, not to be heard from in weeks. They will start a text conversation with me and then in the middle of it just stop talking. And again not to heard from for weeks. So I have decide that I can no longer waste my time stewing over their inconsideration any longer. Therefore, poof I'm gone!!!

Ok to close out this random madness, please go to Puddleville-it is a wonderful place to visit. And if you have stumbled across this blog, please send others this way. It's kinda lonely with a part time follower.

As always, keep your head looking upward and don't trip!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Deep in my cave
Out of the thunder and rain
Strike a match
Light a flame in my heart
Now that it is over
My soul lays bare on the battlefield
All I have is the look in your eyes
When you took the final blow
Now it is calm as the last drop falls
I pick up my sword, leave the memories
Heading out into the unknown
Something wicked may come my way
There is saving to do-I am your conqueror

12 April 2016