Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nothing More

There is nothing left for you and me
You took it all when we were seventeen
You left me on the floor
Bleeding for what might have been
Did you feel the pain?

I'll drink the whiskey till I become numb
To forget you in the mist of your sin
We were much too young for the fall
You lead me to the pit and tossed it all in
I reached for you to hold on, you let go

The long dark night sipping your madness
Sanity creeping around the corner out of reach
I wake at the break of dawn with your smell on me
My mind tries unravel confusion of your presence
Thunder rolls in the distant, another storm coming

When we were seventeen
I gave it all for you
You left me bleeding
Nothing more for you
Nothing, nothing more
Nothing more for you
Did you feel the pain?


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