Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kiss the Girl

You said, it was all too soon
That my heart was fresh, brand new
I needed to get steady on my feet
Navigate my uncharted waters

And I said, life is too short
Not to gaze into those eyes
Or to hold that soft hand
Feel your breath on my cheek
Place my hand against your chest,
Feel your heartbeat
To feel your hand run across my back,
To feel the heat
Kiss the girl I want to kiss
Under a moon lit night

You said, it was unfamiliar course
Landing on this a rocky shore
That I needed firm ground to hold me true
I'm not the first, you have seen it all before
And I said, the journey may be precarious but
Are willing to me hold me steady?

You said, let me help you find the way
Keep me steady on my feet
To navigate the uncharted waters
You would be there to hold me true

And I said,
Let me kiss the girl I want to kiss
Under a moon lit night



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