Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Full Moon

There is a full moon rising
You call into the night
You wait for the echo
Nothing in return
The silence deafens you

On the street corner you wait
Pacing like a puma
Waiting and wanting
Looking into the dark mist
For that which was once yours

The full moon reflects in the water
Your shadow floats across it's face
You reach into the darkness
Longing for that touch-sensual
The touch which took you high

The full moon rising
You desire the night
Craving for depth
Your soul cries out
Pacing, wanting and waiting
Knowing it will never return

(c) LAL

Friday, February 23, 2018

Idle Mind

Has my mind ever sat idle?
The canvas in my mind has drawn a blank
Ever wonder what's coming up next
I search for the words and come up empty
Does my soul have nothing more to say
Can I no longer write the lyrics
To my favorite melodies
I gaze upon the painting
But can't describe the strokes
Does my mind sit idle?
Has my word bank gone broke
Did I loose the words to speak my heart
Does my soul have nothing more to say
Apparently so
Because this is the worst set of words
I have ever written

(c) LAL

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Barren Soul

I lay on the battlefield
Wounded and bloody
Beaten beyond recognition
No longer have the strength
To pick up the sword
Now only a heap of defeat
I look toward the sun
Hoping for quick relief
No longer a warrior
Only a barren soul

(c) LAL

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Miss me

The starry night echos my name
The chilled air beckons my warmth
The quiet yearns for my voice
The stillness of you carves my presence
Do you miss me?

Does my name echo in your heart?
Do you desire my arms around you?
Do you listen for my voice in your mind?
Do you yearn for my touch to set you free?
Do you miss me?

I am only a shadow
A blowing memory
A touch once felt
A ghost on a breeze
Do you miss me?

You once belonged only to me
I was once only sacred to you
We once lay beneath the starry night
We were once one
Do you miss me?

(c) LAL

Saturday, January 20, 2018


As I sit among the disquiet of the room
I watch the lights of the world go by
Like fireflies over the marsh at the depth of dusk
No questions, no answers just the moment of now
In the distance of my mind, I hear the music
The noise around me fades away, only the music plays
I dance to the memory of you, till I hear a voice
Melodic and rhythmic, soft and lilting beckoning me
Like of the sirens of the sea, I am drawn into the sound
It wraps me in heavens blanket, warm and strong
And all it said was--hello

(c) 1/18

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Steel and Glass

This love lives only in a memory
You are the steel to my glass
Cold, hard, unyielding hard steel
You shatter me with one stroke
I break into a thousand peices
You stand so riged and removed
You are strong and steadfast
The wind can not move you
You tread not to the briny sea
For the fear of the rust, becoming brittle
The glass floats on the sea, hoping for shore
To be held in a frame, for the light of day
And the star filled nights, moon beams
For I am the glass and you are only the steel

(c) LAL

Friday, December 29, 2017

Wind in your hair

Riding down the road
With the windows down
The wind whips your black hair
You looking so sexy
In your tight blue jeans
Ripped at the knees
Singing your favorite radio tunes
You give me that sideways smile

Riding down the road
With the windows down
You touched my hand
With the wind in your hair
Singing your love song

Evening comes with the setting sun
Sitting on your balcony
You drink your whiskey straight
Laughing at the moon
You reach over stroke my hair
Candles light your face
With a soft glow, you smile
You take my hand, we dance

We sway with the music
As the evening breeze
Blows your black hair
You whisper in my ear
The words to your favorite love song


Monday, December 4, 2017


The best thing to walk into your life
Just walked out the door, you fool
You were so close to tasting
The sweetness of her
You saw it her eyes, the love
You once had the flame for her
You let it burn out with your selfishness
You only fed the fire when it suited your need
You fooled us all, playing the part
Your heart departed, leaving her on the stage
You had us captured, watching from afar
Knowing it would last forever
But you, let the light in your heart go dim
Tossed her aside like yesterday's news
You let her leave with out a second thought
Only a casual good bye
The best thing to walk into your life
Just walked out the door, you fool
You fool, you fool of the heart
When someone else loves her
Will you sink into a pool of regret
Will you cry tears of sorrow
That you will have her no more
She walked out the door
You fool, you fool, you fool
Can you see into your future
All your lovers will come and go
You have no true love for them
Because the best thing to walk into your life
Just walked out the door.

(c) LAL

Friday, November 24, 2017


The night is dark and still 
Cold as ice, 
Stars fade into the blackness
Nothing goes bump in the night
You prowl the streets unhindered
Swaggering panther of a woman

I have demons that keep me up at night
My dreams are haunted by you
You fled into the ghostly mist
Leaving me to shiver and crave
I feel you lurking in the shadows
And hear the demons whisper in my ear

In the cold dark night
Where there is no light
Like a black panther
Stalking my dreams
The demon that keeps me up
You know you want her
To slay my demons
Slay my demons

You know you want her
To slay my demons
In the cold dark night
She will bring the light
To slay my demons


Monday, November 20, 2017

Shadow of Your Heart

You hide in the shadows of your heart
But I can see right through you
Aloof and alone yet yearning
I know your truth, it's in your eyes
No matter the words you utter
You can't hide in your shadows
You know the one you want
It's not easy giving into your heart
When she looks at you
And you look into her eyes
Your heart knows, it knows
Others will come and go
But only she will be the one
To bring your heart from the shadows
You stroke her hair, hold her hand
Even for a moment, there is no denial
In the quiet moments of holding her close
There is a peace, a comfort, a stillness
Yet you try to retreat to the shadows of your heart
But I still see the halcyon in your eyes
No matter, time passes, your souls will never part
She is in your blood, she is your star crossed love
You love her, love her and I can see it your eyes.