Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Little Bit Crazy

All the country love songs
That all the girls sing
Two stepping in short shorts
Kicking up sawdust
Drinking Bud from a bottle
That's not the girl for me

The one I'm looking for
She's like no other girl
She's a little bit crazy
Is sitting the bar
With a shot of whiskey in her hand
And six shooter on her hip
She's a law breaker, a law maker
She'll be dancing wild and free
And only have eyes for me

No country love songs
No bee hive hair
No gingham skirts
No cherry wine
No denim shirts
Just a girl with a six shooter
And bottle of whiskey
Jumps in her pick up
Heading down the dirt road
Looking for trouble
Goes skinny dipping
Till the moon rises
And sleeps in my arms
Is the girl for me.

LAL (c) 7/18

Sunday, July 1, 2018


Do you remember that evening in Spain? Sitting on the balcony watching the sun set. You drank tempranillo wine and I sipped whiskey.
We watch as the stars began to shine We listened to music from the street below Do you remember that night in Spain? We were tranquil and lustful You turned, smiled, and then you left. I listen for your footsteps for your return I sat on the balcony till sunrise sipping my whiskey The bed felt empty without you The bed where we went to the cosmos I still smell your scent in my loneliness Do you you remember that night in Spain?

(c) 6/18

Friday, May 25, 2018


It was a hot delta day. Too hot for work. The only reprieve from the heat was to lay along the river bank with what tried to be a breeze to cool my brow.  My mind drifted off. I daydreamed of beautiful southern women. There were four of them sitting on a veranda waving their perfumed handkerchiefs. I caught a whiff as it floated on a breeze.

They were dressed in white and ivory linen dresses with wide brimmed straw hats cocked to one side or the other. They were chatting about things that one could only imagine. Sweet perfumed perspiration tickled down their breast bones to vacation spots that only southern dreams are made of.

They were sweet smelling, coy, sexing, tantalizing, ambrosial, sensual, delicious, and alluring. In my dream, I was compelled to walk to that veranda and sit with them. As I approached, they turned, gave me a quick smile and like a flash of lighting they were gone. Leaving me with the memory of their faces and the aroma of their jasmine handkerchiefs.

The sound of the rushing of the river woke me from reverie and I was smiling. The thought of those belles will live long in my memory. And when the hot delta sun beats down on my brow, all I have to do is think of them and heat fades away.

(c) 5/18

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Triple shorts


My mind is adrift is space
No gravity to bring my down to earth
Nothing to hold on to
You let me drift away
Cut my tethered line
Will I ever land again
Will my feet touch the ground
What will hold me steadfast
Or will I just drift away

Open Wide

I keep my eyes open wide to see you
I keep my heart closed to the emotions of you
We once walked the line in perfect rhythm
Hearts beating in sychrony
We came to a fork in the road
You went left, I went right
I walk the line searching for merger in the line
My feet are a little unsteady at the hope for you
But I keep my eyes ope wide to see you
And heart closed shut


This is you and me
Standing at the edge
Ready to take
That leap that leap of faith
I gaze up at the stars
But I see heaven in your eyes
I make the leap, you let go
I'm floating in a black emptiness
Waiting to be rescued

(c) 5/18

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Everyplace is Home

Yesterday you crossed my mind
Today you fill up my senses
Shake up my soul, get me movin'
To roll down the road with you

It doesn't matter where we land

Rain or sun, hot or cold
We'll follow the open road
Because anywhere with you
Everyplace is home

Long ago we rocked the boat

Capsized under the water
Now it's time to leave the ocean
Never give into doubt, hold tight to hope
As we walk over troubled waters

It doesn't matter where we land
Rain or sun, hot or cold
We'll follow the open road
Because anywhere with you
Everyplace is home

The sun is almost down

Light is fading fast
Kiss me under the rising stars
You and me together 
Nothing else matters

It doesn't matter where we land
Rain or sun, hot or cold
We'll follow the open road
Because anywhere with you
Everyplace is home


(c) 3/18


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Full Moon

There is a full moon rising
You call into the night
You wait for the echo
Nothing in return
The silence deafens you

On the street corner you wait
Pacing like a puma
Waiting and wanting
Looking into the dark mist
For that which was once yours

The full moon reflects in the water
Your shadow floats across it's face
You reach into the darkness
Longing for that touch-sensual
The touch which took you high

The full moon rising
You desire the night
Craving for depth
Your soul cries out
Pacing, wanting and waiting
Knowing it will never return

(c) LAL

Friday, February 23, 2018

Idle Mind

Has my mind ever sat idle?
The canvas in my mind has drawn a blank
Ever wonder what's coming up next
I search for the words and come up empty
Does my soul have nothing more to say
Can I no longer write the lyrics
To my favorite melodies
I gaze upon the painting
But can't describe the strokes
Does my mind sit idle?
Has my word bank gone broke
Did I loose the words to speak my heart
Does my soul have nothing more to say
Apparently so
Because this is the worst set of words
I have ever written

(c) LAL

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Barren Soul

I lay on the battlefield
Wounded and bloody
Beaten beyond recognition
No longer have the strength
To pick up the sword
Now only a heap of defeat
I look toward the sun
Hoping for quick relief
No longer a warrior
Only a barren soul

(c) LAL

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Miss me

The starry night echos my name
The chilled air beckons my warmth
The quiet yearns for my voice
The stillness of you carves my presence
Do you miss me?

Does my name echo in your heart?
Do you desire my arms around you?
Do you listen for my voice in your mind?
Do you yearn for my touch to set you free?
Do you miss me?

I am only a shadow
A blowing memory
A touch once felt
A ghost on a breeze
Do you miss me?

You once belonged only to me
I was once sacred only to you
We once lay beneath the starry night
We were once one
Do you miss me?

(c) LAL

Saturday, January 20, 2018


As I sit among the disquiet of the room
I watch the lights of the world go by
Like fireflies over the marsh at the depth of dusk
No questions, no answers just the moment of now
In the distance of my mind, I hear the music
The noise around me fades away, only the music plays
I dance to the memory of you, till I hear a voice
Melodic and rhythmic, soft and lilting beckoning me
Like of the sirens of the sea, I am drawn into the sound
It wraps me in heavens blanket, warm and strong
And all it said was--hello

(c) 1/18