Friday, June 2, 2017

Sweet Night

You walk into the dark sweet night
You take the path less traveled all alone
You been hiding in the shadows too long
The night will give you up to the light
You seek to take rest before the break of day

You are a phantom among crowd
You gain strength from the single stranger
You gave into the darkness.
Time holds no measure,
Only loneliness
Only loneliness
Only loneliness


How Old

Not too long ago a dear friend of mine posted on her blog that I kept telling her that she was forever telling me how old she is. I know this to be true as we are the same age. She noted that she was in an "age mentality". I'm really not sure what that means to her but to me it meant that she was fixated that she was limited because of her age. We all get physically limited to various degrees as we grow older, but mentally we can all remain youthful in mind and soul. Fortunately we are both young at heart and have good conversations until she aggravates me. And so, I continue to let her tell me how old she because one day I might forget how old I am.