Saturday, April 23, 2016

Without You

We were on the brink of day
All I could give you was that moment
Only your memories to make
The sound of my voice echos
Against you empty walls
My touch lingers on your skin

I'm going to break free
Of your hold over me
Let you slip back into the sea
Watch all of the pain float away
You drift among the waves
Wanting to return to shore

I walked through the storm
Battered and torn, I reach the mountain
I see the ruins you made of my soul
Time to pick up the pieces
Start my heart to beating once again
You will no longer defeat me

Let me lay my head down
In the lap of love
Let me hold the warm hand
That comforts me
Let me wake in bed of happiness
With out you haunting me
With out you
With out you

23 April 2016

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