Saturday, August 18, 2012

Live or float?

     Life came easily. She was like the Mississippi, long, deep, still and powerful. On the surface, she lived life with carefree abandon, yet like the river; she either rolled around the obstacle or rushed over it. She wasn’t a truly lost soul but one without direction. It really was never hard, only inconvenient. Looking out, she often pondered what would become of her in the surreal life she created. But she knew it wasn’t truly surreal, she was just lost or too lazy to change it. She resisted the change that was inevitable. She either chose to ignore it or charged it like a ram. She preferred to ignore it.

     Like time, change is a continuum always moving forward. Change may be slowed or halted for a while but like time it will move on. Change may take eons or as quickly as a blink of an eye to happen but it will continue to evolve. She hated change, especially when she could not control change. It interfered with her pattern in life, unbalanced her sense of being. The only good change was the one she created; the one she could mold and control. She liked control. She like the freedom it brought. The juxtaposition to her control is that it controlled her, boxed her in and she became stagnant. She ignored it. She floated on her inner tube down the spring run in life.
     The South, the summers are hot, humid and sweltering. Reality to her was like the hot southern days of summer, too much heat. Being grown up was work which caused too much heat. Too much heat. Cool springs and daydreaming was not work, it was the pleasure of existing. Why would anyone want to endure that heat? She pondered. She floated. She daydreamed. She was lost.

     She had a choice. Live or float? Daydream or steer her destiny? Change was upon her and it was hers to control. Was she like the Mississippi and had the power to endure the heat. Would she choose to fortify herself for the endeavors of life? Floating down the spring run only moves in one direction, was this the only direction she wanted? She pondered. 

And then she awoke.

This is a piece I have putzing with for awhile and decided to throw it out there. The point is to make you question and to paint a picture for you. I hope I have succeed in some way. Please leave some feedback, as it only helps me. Thanks!! 
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  1. Jeeks,,,you just wrote my history, It wasn't until all the children left home that I was able to steer my own ship. In the younger years I didn't know to steer, didn't know it was an option. Wasn't taught from my parents other than to duck and hide. So I just floated on each wave, being steered here and there. A late bloomer I have always been, then at 56 I finally learned to steer my own life, and if I lose or fail, the blame is all mine. Shy and unable to open up in younger years sure did hurt my life as I was taught from parents that I was no good...well isn't that a laugh now. Have spent 51 years trying to prove my value to everyone but self...then one day I looked back and realized OMG I am an amazing human being and have conquered outrageous trials...