Saturday, September 10, 2016


I hate people!!! They are such a disappointment.They are never around when I need them but I'm always here for them. They expect me to be their fixer, their shoulder cry on, their do girl, their money bank, their everything but they are my nothing. Even my BFF, when I told her why I was in a bad mood, just dropped the conversation-no support there.

So here I go again, down the vortex of totally being alone again. I have to ask myself why I keep doing this. I guess it is because I hold out some hope that someone will be there for me. I'm not  a perfect person by any means. I have made my fair share of mistakes and bad decisions but that isn't any reason for my "friends" to always bail on me. I certainly have been there the multitude of times when they have messed up.

So, I know what will happen. I will sit here alone not feeling anything-getting depressed and head down the deep black hole of depression. I will loose all motivation to do anything. My work will suffer, my writing will come to a stand still, I will be consumed by angry, hurt and loneliness. Oh well-my fate.

So that is why I hate people. And for all you haters out there that think it is my pity party, well f-you!! I don't care!