Saturday, May 21, 2016

Let It Go

A musical interlude: Cover song by Sofia Karlberg--"Let It Go"

Block-sleeping muse

Ok, now I have writer's block. I really want to write a new piece but nothing is coming to my mind and the muse is sound asleep!

Wake up bitch!!

Good lord she is stubborn!! She lets all these bits and pieces roll around in my head but won't let me put anything together. There are only a few things that will get her up-music, heartache, good love story or nostalgia. Sometimes it has to be a combo of motivators.

Hey-wake the hell up! It is time to work!!

Nope--hard headed winch. She is not budging. Therefore, no new pieces for the one woman blog.

Speaking of this blog, if she doesn't wake up soon and get to the production of brilliant writing then the blog will be in recession for awhile.

Ok I will leave you with this little diddy.

The sun rises over the ocean
The waves rush over the sand
Hold my hand, stay with me
You are the light in the sunrise
You left me yesterday, I'm crazy
But I'm still breathing, standing on the sand
I will see you in my dreams, hold my hand
Stay with me, never fade, stay with me.

21 May 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A little change

There..I have done it!! I changed the name of the blog on the blog not the web address. It won't let you do that. So now it is Random Madness!! I love it !!!