Thursday, May 5, 2016

Power of Love

A friend of recently asked me to write a piece about the power of love. I'm not sure I can do that. There are so many examples around the world that prove the power of love that I don't feel I am qualified to talk about the power of it.

I do know however, that without love in your life it becomes pretty meaningless. Humans were not made to be emotionless beings. Humans have great capacity for great emotion and love being the strongest one of them all. Wars have been fought over it, people have conquered insurmountable obstacles for it, lives were lost in the name of it and souls have been saved because of it.

Love in all of its forms is a true gift, to be able to give it freely without asking anything in return. Loving someone or something just for what they are is a selfless act. Of all the virtues the the human being has been in body with, love is the greatest treasure of all.

Love thy kinsman as one would love thyself.

5 May 2016