Friday, December 28, 2012


Have you ever had one of those conversations that was akin to the old routine of Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?" I had a text conversation today with one of my BFFs from high school asking about some fellow high school class mates. I am changing the names to protect the innocent. Plus I don't want to piss anyone off! I am going to retype the conversation with all the typos for you--enjoy or just be confused-I was!

Me: Hey do you remember anything about Phonia Smith?
BFF: No I don't...tell me.
Me: I don't either. Did she date Phineas Jones?
Waiting for a reply Me: You went to look in your yearbook didn't you?
BFF: Maybe Harry and Mary would remember..let me know...phineas and i always fought about politics and rligion.
BFF: No do you want me to.
Me: No. I was teasing you. hahahaha
Me Do you remember NB?
BFF: Lol..Phonia liked my toons today...tell me what you find nnosy like hat
BFF: Yes i do
Me: That's just it. Not much on her FB
Me: I guess Phonia and NB were friends in HS.
BFF: send her a fb email
BFF: Yes they were..i remember that
Me:I'm not going to send her a FB email. I hardly remember her. Plus I think she was a year behind us.
Me: You were much more popular than me. You send her an email.
Me: I just sent Harry a text.
BFF: to mary silly billy
BFF: Cool...nb was in our class
Me: Well Harry and Phineas were buddies, he will know.
Me: Did we hang out with her?
BFF: Yes
Me: Not much on her FB either.
Me: We did? Hmmm ok what did we do?
BFF: wwho am i sending an email to and what do you want to know so i can squeeze it out of
BFF: Phonia or nb... a little of bothh
Me: You told me to email Phonia
Me: You can one to both if you want.
BFF: ok i will whhat info do you want me to get 
BFF: lost now...are we talking
Me: Did Phonia date Phineas? What is up with NB, her being a Jesus freak?
Me: I thought the exact f**king thing!!!!
Me: Hahahahahaha. I peed my pants!!
BFF: NB found you want me to convert her to atheism...or lesbianism...your choice
ME: Are you drunk?!!
Me: Go for broke and convert both!!
BFF: no should i be...i will give me an hour..need to get..get drunk
Me: Go for it!! This is the best conversation I have had in days!
BFF: Can i telll her you wanted me to...hey my keyboard is f**ked up thus the big time typing errors...
Me: That's right blame the keyboard. Put your glasses on you fool!!
BFF: But if i get drunk you need to as well ten we will have a hoot...that is your word
Me: Tell who "I wanted you" to do what?
BFF: Im just following matthews exaample...pass the buck..rofl
Me: Yeah well I'll returning it for lack of postage
BFF: You are so f**cking with about some cheese cake..lo
Me: Cheese cake, YES. I do believe you have confused the crap out of me!
BFF: Need to borrow a stamp...i have a monroe stamp..woo woo
Me: What the hell is a Monroe stamp?
BFF: And confused the crap out of
Me: Well you are easy to confuse. You're a blond!
BFF: I don't know i just made it up..monroe stamp would be sexy sexy

You can not make the stuff up!!
Epilogue: Heard from Harry and yes Phonia did date Phineas! But don't tell the BFF as she is trying to email with her Monroe stamp!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Should Talk About....

      I am having an self esteem moment. I know it is childish and self center but I am just human with those nagging little emotions that distort my rational mind. So what is the issue you ask? I just I have been re-evaluating the purpose of this blog. And of late it seems that I have become more frivolous with it instead of posting my thoughts; I have moved to a more commercial theme. All for a quick moment of ego building. Yes, I know the immature pixie got me. But on the other side of the argument, all that is posted are my thoughts with the exception Lessons and Carolyn's Message.
      I should be talking about how good I feel this Christmas. This is the first Christmas since my Mother died that I felt like really having the Christmas spirit. I still miss her and if I let myself I can fall into a well of sadness but I try not to. This is the first time in quite awhile since I have some kind of a inner calm. ( I believe it is because I gave up caffeine)  Although work is still my greatest stresser.
      I should be talking about how people can cause disappointments in our lives or how your puppies can warm your heart. I miss dating and falling love with all the butterflies and the passion. Yet I would not give up one moment of the past 30 years being with the most awesome person. I love my family more than I could ever tell them. My friends (the few that I have) are my anchor in rough seas. I can hear you now, "LL what do you mean a 'few friends'?" I know many, many people but I have only a few close friends that mean more to me than they will ever know. I make sure everyday I tell the people that I love, I love you. I even tell my BFF, the old stoic woman that she is, that I love her too. She needs that.
     I should talk about what an incredible woman my Mother was even though she and I were different in so many ways, she was the force that always propelled my forward. I should talk about how lazy I am and all of my short comings but that is just boring unless I can work some humor in it. I should talk about how I love to laugh, OMG--it is the best thing ever!! (Don't be scared--laugh out loud and it's OK to pee your pants!). I should talk about getting older--the body is wearing out on me but I feel in my heart as if I were still 30 and how scary it is get older. I should talk about my childhood, which I always thought is was boring but I have now come to realize that it had moments of great interest.
      Maybe I should talk about all of that and more, maybe I will.

      I should talk about Mrs. Puddle. (Don't you just love her name?). I think I will...
Mrs Puddle started out as joke. One of the administration assistant at work is a little on the stoic side and I was teasing her about her last name one day. I was calling her by the antonym of her last name like Mrs. Lake, Mrs. Stream, Mrs. River and finally I said Mrs. Puddle. That name struck me as hysterically funny (I think I peed my pants) and laughed all day over it. I posted a couple of things on Facebook about it but decided it would be better served on the blog.
     As you know I grew up in the south (if you didn't know, you do now) and Mrs Puddle turned into the amalgam of all the good southern people and family I knew. But mostly it comes from my imagination. Mrs Puddle is the my version of the eccentric southern lady living in a small town. I just enjoy the humor and the simpleness of small southern towns. I grew up in one, so it a reflection of that. Although Mrs. Puddle is not the voice in these snippets, she is the center of the Junction.
     I mean, my gosh would you just love to meet Mrs. Puddle in person. She is out there you know. 

     Someone asked me if I would turn this into a book. I don't know--it might just turn into a collection of the Dear Mrs. Puddle notes. Time will tell. As long as there is a story to tell about Puddleville Junction and you enjoy them, I will will keep writing them.

    I should also talk about why I write better late at night than during the day. I have no clue!!

In light of my self esteem issue, if you know someone that would enjoy my ramblings, please pass along the link to the blog. (Self promoting again I see LL----Yes, because I need fans!!!).

Have a wonderful and joyful Christmas and a safe New Year!!  Love to All~