Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

It is almost over---Thanksgiving. But should it be? Shouldn't there a be a moment of everyday that you give thanks for all that you have , all that love you and all that you love. Yes, it should be.

I try everyday to tell the ones I love the most that I love them and I have been more than blessed to have the most special someone in my life that has love me for thirty years. I have children that I adore (even though they drive me nuts), I have a best friend that is the best and friends that are the other part of my family.  So yes, everyday in that moment I give thanks for all of my gifts.

I did not OD on turkey or any other fixings of Turkey Day. Missed out on the tryptophan nap and did not watch football nor am I indulging in early Black Friday nonsense. I  am a rebel without a turkey leg of tradition. 
So, now I will have a tasty glass of eggnog and nod off to dreamland because tomorrow I have to put up the Christmas tree!!!