Friday, October 19, 2012

What the.....

     Let me tell you that having vertigo is the pits!! I have had two major episodes of it in one week. I believe it is actually Menieres Disease. However, that spinning till you puke is not a fun ride at all--just sayin'!

     Secondly, a good friend of mine started a blog as well. Pop over and visit.  No One Gave Me Directions to Heaven.

     I have managed to mess up the spacing on the blog. I replaced the pictures in the Mrs. Puddle entries with smaller ones as to not use so much space. Well that didn't work, now there are big blank spaces. Grumpy!

I have two weeks off for vacation and Monday is looming around the corner. I so do not want to go back to work.
Didn't get to go to the mountains this year due to school. I sure do miss them.

    Wow...this school thing is getting to be overwhelming. I really thought about quitting after our first night of the new term. The Finance class is going to do me in. It is not the work, it is getting time to do the work that is going to be the difficulty. We got a very big project to do and it is time consuming. Wish me luck!

     Not much has happened at the Junction the past few days but I am sure with Mrs. Puddle something is bound to popup. Lord only knows what will happen at the Junction with it's cast of characters which all seem to center around Mrs. Puddle.

    Time to take the spin top head of mine to the pillows.