Saturday, July 14, 2012

OMGosh--What changes have been made!!

What has Google done?!! This really is all Sammie's fault. I started reading her blog about "The Tiny House Project" and thought I will go add her to my blog and discovered things were not as they use to be. I know what you are thinking...'LL you have not been on your blog in over a year. Had you checked in from time to time you would have seen the changes. Instead of sitting up till midnight trying to figure this stuff out.' Yes you are right, however in my defense, so much has been going on that I have not really put mind to keyboard. Plus, had I been true blue to the blog it would have been a lot of negative stuff and I am trying to vanquish those attitudes. I think my muse has returned along with my more positive outlook (mainly due to my NDE).

Let's face it, part of the real truth is that I am a bit of a closet egotist. Why write something if nobody reads it. But I don't advertise either. So, here I sit typing away with not much to say (oh a little rhyme)!

Check list of events over the past year. First and foremost, I have returned to school to earn my Master's. There must be insanity that runs in my family and I got a heaping dose from the gene pool to go to graduate school!! Secondly, 5 years till retirement, the boy got married, family vacation to the mountains (now that was too much like reality TV with those kids, who are all grown), had a NDE (near death experience) while white water rafting, discovered the wonderful world of massage therapy (I am an endorphin addict now) tested for promotion--waiting on those results, survived the little run in with TS Debby just lots of rain and lastly, I have not broken a hip!!

I am going to make a half hearted promise to visit and post more often. I am not as truly committed as my friend Sammie and ALL of her blogs. She puts me to shame in the blogoshpere. So my friends, here's to my valiant try at blogging again.

 And to my good friend Carolyn--Knock, Knock.....