Friday, March 18, 2011

Extraordinary Life

What is an extraordinary life? I have been wondering that for sometime now and    I 'm not sure if I have the answer. I have always wanted an extraordinary life like that of Hemmingway, Earhart, Vanderbilts, Steinbeck, Wolfe, Stein, etc. Did they have extraordinary lives or have they been romanticized? So, that prompts the question as to, what is an extraordinary life? Does one have to write the great American novel, conquer flight, travel in space, hobnob with world leaders, win a Noble Peace Prize or is an extraordinary life just simple getting up everyday and being productive in society? Can the fellow who flips burgers everyday have extraordinary life?

Webster's defines extraordinary as "going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary". Hmmm, does that puts our hamburger flipper in a different position in our extraordinary life? Maybe.

I often reflect on my life and wonder if I have moments that were extraordinary. And I am brought back the the same question-what makes one life extraordinary? Mostly, I am lost for an answer. I believe I might romanticize those have been credited with having a remarkable life. In comparison I did not discovery penicillin, or invent the light bulb or engineer rocket fuel, however, I do go to work every day, pay my bills and vote in every election. But does that qualify for the extraordinary club?

So after long deliberation, this is what I have concluded. I don't know for me but I can see that in some way every one's life is extraordinary. The people that have come into my life are extraordinary. I marvel at their resilience, energy and the fortitude to take on life. They are incredible and have enriched my life and those around them. And to me they are extraordinary.

The answer, I guess, is how each of us interprets or defines extraordinary. So that burger guy does have an extraordinary life and as for me...well that is for you to define.