Sunday, May 8, 2011

Southern Voice

I just love the sound of a true southern voice. It is like music, lyrical and soft. Not that hick redneck kind of accent which is rough and unfinished like course sandpaper. But that long sweet drawl that takes a sunrise to udder the words of a good morning. That rhythmic cadence that lulls you into an almost dream state. And as quick as a flash will pop you out of the dream state with a soulful laugh at its own story. Oh ,how I love to linger over good southern story told in the native tongue of southern poets. To hear those sounds takes me to place in my childhood, where we picked peaches, all sorts of vegetables, canned fruit and I listen to the stories of my grandmother and her sisters. It was like listening to a symphony orchestra of southern voices. As they talked and I listened, they prepared food that would send your tastes buds on adventure of culinary delight. Remembering the smell of that food and their voices mixed together gives me feeling of complete contentment. Today, when I hear an elderly southern lady with the soft sweet drawl, I remember my grandmother and her voice as it still speaks to me.

What is about the south that draws people in? Is it the hospitality, the courtesy, the gentleness or the pace of the south? I am more inclined to believe it is all that and more. The south moves at its own rhythm, like the Mississippi slowly moving out the sea. It allows one to have great introspection. It lets the soul to become filled with the love and goodness of the people, family and culture. In the South nothing of any worth or true goodness is done in a hurry. We savor the moments of the process, whether it making a peach cobbler or communing with a higher existence. We revel in the simple pleasures of life from laughing to crying, from blissful joy to a momentary sadness. I believe true Southerners are people of emotion and the earth and heaven.

Southerners do many things that exceed their counterparts. A dear friend mine wore this absolutely stunning hat to the Kentucky Derby recently. I just had to remark that I loved that hat. She replied “We got it all over the people at last weekend's Royal Wedding when it comes to hats!” Which in turn I replied, “Of course we do, we Southerners!” We tell stories that start at sunrise and last till midnight and lay out a spread of food that will make your taste buds sing. This is our communion, our connection to each other and our praise to thankfulness for our journey on this earth.

I grew up in the South and I am bias. I have lived in other parts of the country but always come home; home to the place of tall tales, gentile manners and magnolias. But that’s ok because nowhere on earth will you find a place such as this, where Spanish moss waves in the breeze, jasmine sweetens the air and the rivers run wide. Nowhere will find the quiet introspection this place gives or lifts your spirit to the heavens. This is my home and I love it. I love the sound of that musical southern drawl. Say, tell me a story……

Friday, March 18, 2011

Extraordinary Life

What is an extraordinary life? I have been wondering that for sometime now and    I 'm not sure if I have the answer. I have always wanted an extraordinary life like that of Hemmingway, Earhart, Vanderbilts, Steinbeck, Wolfe, Stein, etc. Did they have extraordinary lives or have they been romanticized? So, that prompts the question as to, what is an extraordinary life? Does one have to write the great American novel, conquer flight, travel in space, hobnob with world leaders, win a Noble Peace Prize or is an extraordinary life just simple getting up everyday and being productive in society? Can the fellow who flips burgers everyday have extraordinary life?

Webster's defines extraordinary as "going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary". Hmmm, does that puts our hamburger flipper in a different position in our extraordinary life? Maybe.

I often reflect on my life and wonder if I have moments that were extraordinary. And I am brought back the the same question-what makes one life extraordinary? Mostly, I am lost for an answer. I believe I might romanticize those have been credited with having a remarkable life. In comparison I did not discovery penicillin, or invent the light bulb or engineer rocket fuel, however, I do go to work every day, pay my bills and vote in every election. But does that qualify for the extraordinary club?

So after long deliberation, this is what I have concluded. I don't know for me but I can see that in some way every one's life is extraordinary. The people that have come into my life are extraordinary. I marvel at their resilience, energy and the fortitude to take on life. They are incredible and have enriched my life and those around them. And to me they are extraordinary.

The answer, I guess, is how each of us interprets or defines extraordinary. So that burger guy does have an extraordinary life and as for me...well that is for you to define.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dry Spell

What a dry spell I have had--2010 has gone and 2011 has arrived. Lots of things have happened in the last 9 months. No, I have not given birth!! Let’s just clear that up right now! I took a month off from work in October and went to the mountains. I hated to leave. I love it so. Not alot going on the home front. Just lots of home and yard matters to take care of.

On the work front----whoa, tons of stuff going on there. Looks like major changes are coming our way. We are going to lose a good portion of our senior staff to retirement. They are wanting to get out before that idiot Governor Scott ruins FRS and the State. I don’t blame them; if I could retire I would have been out yesterday. But I have 7 more years to go before I can say “I’m out of here!”

One my good friends has left and moved out to Oklahoma. She got a transfer to the National Park out there. She told me it was like living in Mayberry with good ole boys and pickup trucks. Ahhh…welcome to southern Midwest Bible belt. Next thing I’ll know she will be off to the rodeos and wearing chaps! Yee Haw!!

Speaking of idiots, I sit in awe at the stupidity of our state government. OH MY GOD!!!!! Could these people be more senseless?! Once again it is about the rich putting the squeeze on the poor and letting the middle class carry the weight. What is it with this inane thought process? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in huge government but you CAN NOT privatize government. They are different species. There are aspects of government that can be outsourced but not the foundation and the obligations of government. Don’t be fooled about the claim that when he decreases state employees that they are creating new jobs. They are NOT creating any jobs, they are shifting existing jobs to a different money source, the private source. What ever happened to the social obligation of protecting children and the elderly? What happened to maintaining promises to the public servants, many who lay their lives on the line to protect the citizens of the state, including that idiot Governor of ours!!! What ever happened to equity for all the people and not to the select elite few?! Hey, governor pay attention to Egypt.

Ok off the soap box. I am going to go over and read my favorite blog Margaret and Helen. Helen writes the most insightful commentaries on the world today. You should drop by and give it a spin. Oh, by the way, I am a Facebook crack head. I reaaaaally need to find a 12 step program!! Until the next time I get so inclined to jot down a few random thoughts (man I love spell check) keep your pants up cuz nobody wants to see your butt crack!!