Sunday, April 11, 2010


WOW it has been a bit time since I posted anything. Well, you know sometimes I just don't have much to say. I do wonder about an assorted amount of stuff, like why are people stupid, why people don't engage in better conversations, why do people complain about stuff they change, why do people disenfranchise the feelings of others if those feelings or opinions are different, why do people drive when it is obvious that they can't and are dangerous on the road, why do people mistreat children, the elderly and animals but why do we tolerate it? Why do people smoke? Why do teenagers sleep all the time? Why does my local government continue to lie (not little lies but great big huge lies) and protect themselves from public that they are to serve? Why can't I get my promotion? Why don't women with jiggly cottage cheese butts wear more Lycra? Why can you freeze ice on the asses of women that have money (mostly that their husbands provide)? Why is it when you are doing nothing, no one will talk to you but the moment you become engaged in something, everyone wants to chat?

I have a lot of why questions but very few answers. I think about all this stuff, however my bigger question is, what is to become of us? I banter about in my mind the question of "what is the point"-if we live then die and that is the end-what is the point? If we live because of the faith unknown reason-what is the point if we don't know the reason. Do we live in order to experience the human emotions? Other than continuing the our species what is the point?

We have evolved that technology is doing a greater portion of the work for us. Will technology evolve faster than humans and we will no longer be required? Reflections of the movie Terminator. You know I am an old hippie type and truly believe that mankind has more hate in the world than love for themselves and that is sad.

I am on the last leg of my journey in life and I am planning for it to be a good and joyous journey as long as the stupid stay in the group homes!! Everyone got their helmets, time to ride the short bus!