Sunday, March 21, 2010


As I grow older and more appreciative of life, it has occurred to me today that there is someone in my life that has a major impact on me more than I ever realized. Wow---bombshell...anyway I am truly thankful that they are in my life book for eternity.

Sometimes, we just go blindly forward in our lives and never stop to take into consideration the people that have an affect on us-I am one of those. Today, I saw clearly the quiet impact that someone has had on me and I gave thanks for that and am forever over joyed that they are in my life book. Not to say there aren't many people in life who have had an impact, but sometimes I have overlooked the quiet givers.

You never know who might love you just for who you are. For the longest time I believe there were only a handful of people who truly loved me. My mother and grandmother for the majority of my life. But I as look down to the road to end of my unusual life, I realize that there have been other people that have loved me for just who I am. And these are folks I have never suspected. Today, that revelation came to me and man was that a smack in the head.

I finished a very good book recently called, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman. In the story she refers to "our life book". I remember my grandmother talking about that as a child but had forgotten about it until I read that book. I have always believe that things happen for a reason and people are in you life for a reason. But what we fail to do is appreciate the person for being there or appreciate the reason for them being there. I realize that sometime there are folks in our lives that bring negativity to us, but I know that with out the the opposite we can never hold value for all the positive in our lives. Another axiom I hold is 'nothing is given to us that we can not bear' or 'that which does not kill us makes us stronger'.

So, the negative people or circumstance in our lives are there to makes us stronger and to overcome those obstacles. When we have prevailed over the problems then we can appreciate the positive, goodness and joy in our lives. Those silent givers are the ones who help fuel our endeavours in this world.

Often, we too are the silent givers. But one must give with humility and grace. There are not enough humble people in this world. And that is sad.

To all the silent givers in my life, thank you and I love you!