Friday, March 12, 2010


Hey kids...I'm back. Had a great vacation with the exception of a couple of tense moments because some people choose not to help themselves. But it was all good.

What is on the hot topic with me tonight. Well, it seems there is some nasty legislative bills floating around at the State capital to reduce our retirement benefits. This is not good since I only have seven more years to go. But once again it is a certain party conspiracy to cut state funds at the expensive of firefighters and law enforcement. Gee will they never learn. Public safety is a number one priority verses letting your rich buddy off the hook on property taxes while middle income property taxes go up.

Well it is the weekend and many things planned for enjoyment before heading back to work next week. Had lunch with an old classmate today. What a trip that was!!! It was wonderful to see him again.

This is short and sweet but the hour is late and Mr. Sandman is calling. So until next time....Mr. Sandman bring me a dream~~~