Saturday, August 13, 2016

Anything goes

Good morning people!!

How is everyone? I'm not bad at all today.

So, here is my random madness thought for today. I am thinking about doing a mock radio station for my FB story page. How cool would it be to hear a voice instead of always reading a story post?!! I think it would be great fun. I just need to get a decent mic and I am ready to go. Your thoughts~~

Anyway, I am slowly trying to get the word out about this blog. So. if you like the things I post and write, please pass it along to friends and family.

Question: If you have a friend that you think highly of but they continue to give negative support-do you keep them as a friend?

Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged!


  1. I love the radio station idea!!!! That would be amazing! thoughts on keeping a friend that gives negative close is the friend and how long the friendship? Is this a moment in time? Is your friend dealing with difficulties and "sound boarding" onto you in a backwards way? Are you guilt free in your words and actions? With those questions, maybe, you could form an answer.

    1. I did the first broadcast of the radio station. It seemed to go over well. Interesting questions. Something to ponder upon.