Monday, July 18, 2016


I won't be posting on the blog much if any, anymore. It seems that I have the wrong approach to posting the pieces I write, so I have been told. According to outside sources, I should not care if anyone reads this blog. I should only write for myself. I don't think I'll be doing much writing for public or private.

Whats the point of writing a story or poetry if you can not share it? Whats the point of painting a picture if you can not share it? Whats the point of art if you can not share it? I've been told that it shouldn't matter if you share art, and that the only reason I share art is for self aggrandizing-so I have been told.

So I am putting my ego in check and keeping my art in my mind.

May we meet again.



  1. No, why? comeback and write something, any..

  2. UPDATE: Since I originally wrote this little rant above, things change. I wrote that out of angry and hurt. Since I have realized the absurdity of that reaction, I have been been posting a few items of random madness. No one person should have that much control over my art-so I have disallowed any more control.