Friday, June 3, 2016


I was re-reading some of the pieces that I have written recently and noticed a theme. I always talk about being left in some fashion. I'm sure some psychologist would say that I have abandonment issues-possibly. I used to write about joy and happiness but the past couple of years it seems that I might have lost joy. Pity really.

Anyway, I was talking to a dear friend of mine and she mentioned she was starving. She was referring to food at the time but I sensed an underlying need in her. I imagine it is in a lot of us. Starving for that connection with someone on a deep intimate way, an intelligently emotional way and physical connection (not sex) but the share intimate space. As soon as she said it, I got it. It resounded in me.

My friend is a brave soul-much stronger than me. I admire that quality. She tells me that I am too easily bruised, very sensitive while she as armored and can withstand the punches in life. I admire her bravery. Now, don't get me wrong, she is flawed just like all us. To me she can be very aloof and withdrawn into herself at times. However, she is very supportive and deeply caring. What she doesn't know or won't admit is that she too is easily bruised. For some reason she has become obsessed with her age. She tells me all the time how old she is (I'm the same age) which I know but it seems to give her comfort when she tells me. It is like her biography wrapped up in a single number.

I guess the whole point of this random madness is jolt my muse awake because I really want to write a piece about starving. She has bits and pieces rambling around in my mind and I hope soon I can put the pieces together. (Hmmmm that could be very metaphoric).

So in closing I just want my dear friend get out there and promote this blog!!!


  1. Wow...I can wrap my biography up in one word too. Sixty. The end! Wa-La! I can so associate with what you wrote...sounds a bit familiar as a matter of fact. Aloof and withdrawn are the necessary moments to heal from a life of abuse: to re-coup, re-group and quiet the demons...well for me. Withstanding the punches is another story for another long-winded comment. Bravo...another triumph. I love your blog!

    1. Thank you for loving my blog. I await your long-winded comment. I agree that being aloof and withdrawn can be a healing time but not to the point where one shuts out everyone.
      Anyway, I always enjoy your feedback and look forward to that long winded one.

  2. I will send my long windiness in a personal message. :)