Sunday, January 5, 2014

Random Thoughts

I have decided that I obsess over my random thoughts. The problem is that when I have a really good random thought, I forget it before I can write it down.

Memory loss is such a bummer. Lord, help me because I think of some really cool shit!! Funny stuff too but I can't get it down on paper.

Dreams--they are a true inspiration of randomness and I have bizarre dreams. There are times the dreams are so good that I can pick up where I left off the following night.

I am making steps in my sugar recovery--small ones but steps none the less. I still have wicked cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Just an update.

Whiskey--I'm thinking I may become a whiskey drinker and give up Gin--thoughts?

Kissing--a fun recreational sport. Should we make it an Olympic event?

The Cross Florida Barge Canal--should we revisit this as a viable option to make South Florida it's own state?

How awesome is the SEC?!! Now we just need Auburn to pull out victory. Sorry that our ex-Gator coach is leaving Louisville for Texas.

I could babble on for quite sometime, but I just saw a shinny thing and must follow it.