Sunday, February 16, 2014

Live, Love and Joy

Living, love and joy. Three very powerful things that influence your life.

I try to live each day with purpose and meaning. I believe I am successful on varying degrees.

I strongly believe in having  joy in your life, to give joy and to find the good in world even as ugly as it can be. I follow the rule about no negative thoughts because that will ultimately will be the folly of joy. I have to remind myself daily that when I speak negatively to myself that it takes the joy out of my heart. I have a have a wonderful friend who was in the "negative self speak" and we have been working together to keep in the positive side of our selves.  In has brought joy to both of us. It is a good thing.

Love---wow that is the big one. Because without it you can't have the other two. The love of family, the love of children, love of friends, the love of humanity, the love of pets, for some the love of God, and love of being in love. I have been so blessed to have all of those loves and continue to have them. Love is powerful for me. I give it easily but receive it with resistance. I read an article a while back discussing the reluctance of receiving love. Basically the author spoke about having the ability of acceptance of the love given, not feel guilty about it. To remove the stigma of ego and be humble to the receiving of love. For that lent to loving yourself and giving love more freely. Which to me, brings more joy into your heart. I am still working on the acceptance of love, it is a tall hill for me to climb.

For me, love is my most powerful influence in my life. I have lived long enough to understand that the love of power and money are negative influences and the more important thing is the love of people and family. I have had 3 great loves in my life and I cherish each one. Each one has enriched me more than I could ever tell them. I appreciate them and thank them for coming into my life. I only hope that in some small way I have given something back to them. I have had two wonderful women give me the ability to have love and joy in my heart, my mother and grandmother. I will never be able to express my gratitude to them for loving me and showing what it means to love people.

Oh as a side note, I don't have to like you but I do have the capacity to love you.

So live, love and have joy in your heart!!


  1. I miss your entries. Hope to see new adventure posts soon!

  2. It is a very hard thing to control negative thoughts of self, especially if there had been a strong negative influence when a child. I too struggle with this and have been blessed with you as my rational, realistic mentor. Staying in the "negative" takes our power of self love away and thus we live a life seeking approval and of being valued by others.

    1. I am very bad at self deprecation but for every negative thing I say to myself, I have to say two positive things and slowly the negative stuff is not so overwhelming. Glad you liked it.

    2. If only you could see "you" through my eyes and the majority of our graduating classes' eyes and your friends eyes as well. We ALL think you ROCK!

  3. Though I have tried for years to help you break through the barriers and hang ups that have stunted your happiness, I still wish I could help you. I feel saddened you have spent all these years lost and alone in that frightening place of self-inadequacy and self-loathing; unable to allow anyone “in” to help you realize your value and worth. I know you “act out” what you have been taught to feel, though it makes your life incomplete and unfulfilled. I am saddened over the embarrassments you feel when you are feeling, needing, wanting and yearning. Vulnerability is a difficult feeling for anyone. In “my” belief, trust is easier to gain than allowing ones-self to be vulnerable. Love conquers all, or so we have been told. In that context I have always felt it meant the love another gives to us…however, now after 62 years of life I understand it to mean…loving ourselves conquers all. I wish with all my heart I could bring you back to the time before the doors of your being slammed shut.