Thursday, July 19, 2012


The past few days have been full of revelations. First,(I already knew but was confirmed) that I have no value at work. A department that I have spent 20 years at so far, has denied me a promotion that I have earned. It is not worth giving a part of your soul to something that doesn't appreciate it and stomps on it. I only have 5 more years till retirement then good bye work! Secondly, I hit me that I have no real friends except for two. I have a lot of casual friends and know a lot of people. Just a not a close group of friends to be a part of  life. This make me sad. Third, I am in the firm realization that my main hobby is being a couch potato, Now, don't get me wrong I love potatoes and they love me, but not to the point of being a slug.

My new revelation-work: they will not get the better of me. I will go to work and do my job and that's it. I will not be a door mat for these people any longer. They flushed my loyalty on that promotion. Friends: I will be joyous and thankful for my two dear friends and will them love always. I can't make causal friends be something more than they are-causal. Couch potato: taking it one day at a time. Getting up and moving and eating better. I will not give up potatoes but I will be more select in type and amount. Besides slugs leave a slimy trail and that is just gross--no slimy trail for me!!

What's the bottom line here, LL? You ask. I am going to work on turning all that crappy negative stuff into a more positive attitude. I am going to chose not to let the people that bring that negative matter affect me. Now don't fool yourself, I am not going to be a happy little fairy sprinkling happy dust from now on but I am not going to sucked down that negative vortex to the sewer. I only have so many days left in this life and I want to make them important to me and the people I love.

So there you have it!!