Monday, December 17, 2012

The Children Lost

      I will speak of this only once. As a first responder (paramedic/firefighter), the tragedy that happened at Sandy Creek, was just as overwhelming as 911. There is a huge sense of helplessness, as if there is something I am suppose to do alleviate the pain and suffering.

      I can only imagine the pain the parents of the lost children are feeling. The horror of that will linger on for all of the students and teachers at that school. I hope is that one day soon they find peace in their hearts again.

      There is no rational explanation or understanding of why this happened. We only need to know that it did and we must grieve and help those suffering their loss. Then we need to pick ourselves up and do something positive, productive and meaningful in preventing this kind of event from happening again. I will not debate gun control.

     May the parents of the fallen children find solace in knowing that their children are now in a place of great happiness and love and will never suffer again.

Bless the little children for
the Kingdom of Heaven
belongs to them

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