Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Should Talk About....

      I am having an self esteem moment. I know it is childish and self center but I am just human with those nagging little emotions that distort my rational mind. So what is the issue you ask? I just I have been re-evaluating the purpose of this blog. And of late it seems that I have become more frivolous with it instead of posting my thoughts; I have moved to a more commercial theme. All for a quick moment of ego building. Yes, I know the immature pixie got me. But on the other side of the argument, all that is posted are my thoughts with the exception Lessons and Carolyn's Message.
      I should be talking about how good I feel this Christmas. This is the first Christmas since my Mother died that I felt like really having the Christmas spirit. I still miss her and if I let myself I can fall into a well of sadness but I try not to. This is the first time in quite awhile since I have some kind of a inner calm. ( I believe it is because I gave up caffeine)  Although work is still my greatest stresser.
      I should be talking about how people can cause disappointments in our lives or how your puppies can warm your heart. I miss dating and falling love with all the butterflies and the passion. Yet I would not give up one moment of the past 30 years being with the most awesome person. I love my family more than I could ever tell them. My friends (the few that I have) are my anchor in rough seas. I can hear you now, "LL what do you mean a 'few friends'?" I know many, many people but I have only a few close friends that mean more to me than they will ever know. I make sure everyday I tell the people that I love, I love you. I even tell my BFF, the old stoic woman that she is, that I love her too. She needs that.
     I should talk about what an incredible woman my Mother was even though she and I were different in so many ways, she was the force that always propelled my forward. I should talk about how lazy I am and all of my short comings but that is just boring unless I can work some humor in it. I should talk about how I love to laugh, OMG--it is the best thing ever!! (Don't be scared--laugh out loud and it's OK to pee your pants!). I should talk about getting older--the body is wearing out on me but I feel in my heart as if I were still 30 and how scary it is get older. I should talk about my childhood, which I always thought is was boring but I have now come to realize that it had moments of great interest.
      Maybe I should talk about all of that and more, maybe I will.

      I should talk about Mrs. Puddle. (Don't you just love her name?). I think I will...
Mrs Puddle started out as joke. One of the administration assistant at work is a little on the stoic side and I was teasing her about her last name one day. I was calling her by the antonym of her last name like Mrs. Lake, Mrs. Stream, Mrs. River and finally I said Mrs. Puddle. That name struck me as hysterically funny (I think I peed my pants) and laughed all day over it. I posted a couple of things on Facebook about it but decided it would be better served on the blog.
     As you know I grew up in the south (if you didn't know, you do now) and Mrs Puddle turned into the amalgam of all the good southern people and family I knew. But mostly it comes from my imagination. Mrs Puddle is the my version of the eccentric southern lady living in a small town. I just enjoy the humor and the simpleness of small southern towns. I grew up in one, so it a reflection of that. Although Mrs. Puddle is not the voice in these snippets, she is the center of the Junction.
     I mean, my gosh would you just love to meet Mrs. Puddle in person. She is out there you know. 

     Someone asked me if I would turn this into a book. I don't know--it might just turn into a collection of the Dear Mrs. Puddle notes. Time will tell. As long as there is a story to tell about Puddleville Junction and you enjoy them, I will will keep writing them.

    I should also talk about why I write better late at night than during the day. I have no clue!!

In light of my self esteem issue, if you know someone that would enjoy my ramblings, please pass along the link to the blog. (Self promoting again I see LL----Yes, because I need fans!!!).

Have a wonderful and joyful Christmas and a safe New Year!!  Love to All~


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  1. covered so much with this one....your mother was a structured, family woman and it was the medicine I needed when I lived with you all. She was the saving grace and a woman i respected and I knew loved me and wouldn't allow me to fall in to self pity. However she had a gentle hand with me at times as she knew I was broken but didn't know how deep and how much. I remember times you were a bit jealous of this...hee hee...sister rivalry and your first taste with having to share mom with a sibling. I would love to capture and bottle the first in love feeling and swig from it on occasion...I guess we get so accustomed to the other person in our life that the initial exhilarating spark turns into a warm glow and we lose sight or strength to stoke the fire. The aging an eye opener...the biggest issue I have with it is the lack of respect shown to us. Didn't see that one coming. At times I feel as if I am viewed as a person who has no value because it is obvious I am not a young chicken therefor I am dust and have no voice. I don't mind the sags and wrinkles...I do mind the 57 years of life lessons treasures I can share and there is no one for the taking, what a waste. The Puddles series is fab and I always look forward to your next post...You said in your blog there are things you should be talking about...such as..." I should be talking about how people can cause disappointments in our lives" so why don't you talk about them?! And please talk about them.
    OK I've been long winded enough.