Monday, March 1, 2010


What is it about FaceBook? It is addicting. I can't stand it because I am as addicted as the next guy. Just when I thought I have the will power it stay away, it is like siren drawing me back. I HAVE to logon and see who has posted on my wall. I feel hurt if my post is over looked or neglected. I have things to say and I need validation of that stuff. (Ok I have slipped off the edge again into that psycho-babble). The one positive thing I can say about FB is that I have been able to connect with friends that I have not seen in years. And that is a very good thing.

The other addiction I have on FB is the games. I am looking for a 12 step program for that addiction. Who knew that farming would occupy my waking hours? OMG. I worry about if my crops are ready, what free gifts did I receive today, do I need to expand, what is the best crop for the dollar and list goes on.

The sad part on about my FB addiction is that the thrill only lasts a few minutes and then I get bored, then it is off the farms. I did actually give up one farm game. Painful but the cut was clean. Of the other two farm games, I really only spend the more time on one. But they both feed my habit.

I have given up TV for the most part for FB. Not that there is anything TV that isn't banal. I miss Lily Tomlin! Ooooo maybe I should see if she a FB page!! OMG, someone throw me a life line!!!!


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  2. What is wrong with indulging in such a social addiction as FB? To crave this interim from daily life has squelched emotions you once had as a young puppy. Being embraced by your high school peers as a seasoned woman has affirmed self value that you didn't realize others had for you then. Your comments and interacations have been a gift to all of us and I add helped to heal some of the social wounds you have carried since your young teens. We all embrace each other differently...I embraced you, then, defiant of others who didn't know the magnitude and magnificence of you...they see it now. (I imagine they have done penance for this) Angels walk among us, I know because I know you! My dearest, beloved friend.