Monday, February 15, 2010

Day One-2

Ok still day one--trying to get a handle on this blog thing. Seems pretty easy so far but sometimes I can get a bit internet dumb.

So what's on my mind today?, you ask. An assortment of things. I just want to know were the the guide book to understanding people is located? I work in the public sector and to this day I haven't gotten a frim grip on understanding why people do the stuff they do.

Side note--I wonder in Blogdom is it permissable to cuss?

I am a firm believer in that there is a plot to turn humans into nothing intellectually higher than lemurs. Every day people get up and take a healthy dose of STUPID! Come on people you have gray matter in your carnium for a reason-use it. Educate yourself!

Wow-Up on that soap box!!! Day one and I better reign myself in, have alot more days to fill up with my rants.

Hey don't be shy-got something to add or say feel free!!

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