Monday, February 15, 2010

Stupid Again

I was at the local grocery store just moments ago and witnessed another case of stupid. An older middle aged woman was being assisted by one of the baggers from the store. A polite young man was dutifully putting her bags of groceries in her back seat as she stood watching with a scowl on her aged face. He made a innocuous light hearted comment to her as she got in the drivers seat. She unceremoniously dismissed him with a snarled lip and a wave of her hand. I stood watching and I noticed, as she back out of the parking spot, she had a handicap tag hanging from her rear view mirror. I thought, OK, handicapped needed help with her bags-I am good with that, but here is the stupid part. As she drove past me, I saw it. A COPD inducing cigarette hanging on her lips. Ding Ding Ding!! Helllloooo stupid, could the reason you are handicapped and hateful, is because you SMOKE!!! Hello Stupid.

It just absolutely makes shake my head and say to myself I just don't understand people!

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