Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have been remiss in my posting. But some days I feel like it and others it's ahhhh not in the mood. The past week has been eventful and emotional. Man, it is amazing what five years of suppressed feelings will spring up out of nowhere. Fortunately, I as able to grip the moment and push all of that back down. Having an an emotional moment at work is not good. But I am sure all of that will pop back up. Oh can't wait...not!

I hate the fact that after all this time there are still people in my life that I have to please or not disappoint. Always seeking that approval. I believe it has to do with self confidence. What is the pitiful part, it's not family or close friends but people that are acquaintance friends. I am too old to have these teenage emotions.

Oh well, I must be in an emotional phase in the lunar cycle or something. But then again, as I analyse my life it has always been about approval. Good or bad? I don't know.

I have been told by a good friend that I should do comedy on a regular basis. By reading this blog, you might scratch your head and say I just don't see the humor.

When I am not being melancholy and maudlin, I do have a funny bone that likes to trip the light fantastic. So, my new effort on the blog is have lighter moments. Spring is around the corner so it is time open up the windows and doors and let some fresh air and light in.

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